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Ajouté le 6/2/2023
Genre : Rock
Edition : Bandbox Exclusive Yellow Swirl Vinyl
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Released on cassette in 1994, PUSA's Froggystyle is available on vinyl exclusively from Bandbox.

The '94 demo cassette that started it all, PUSA's 'Froggystyle' is available on vinyl for the first time exclusively from Bandbox on sleek yellow swirl vinyl. The ten-song collection was recorded in a flurry of creativity on a single day at Seattle's Laundry Room Studio. The Presidents sold the cassette at their shows in their early days, which eventually led to the band releasing their self-titled debut album in 1995. While music stardom, hit singles, and major labels awaited The Presidents, the spirited, ramshackle songs on 'Froggystyle' represent the underdog origins of the band. And it is high time that this long celebrated collection is finally issued on vinyl for the very first time.


Side A
1. Kitty at My Foot
2. Boll Weevil
3. Little Indian Princess
4. Tremolo Blues
5. Body
Side B
1. Lunatic to Love
2. Puffy Little Shoes
3. Candy Cigarette
4. Naked and Famous
5. Man

Liste des médias :
1x Vinyle 12"
1x Livre

The Presidents of the United States of America : Froggystyle
1x le 7/21/2023
The Presidents of the United States of America : Bandbox Issue #88
1x le 7/2/2023

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