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Ajouté le 5/25/2023
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The sixth solo LP from Mike Gordon, Flying Games is an album of constant and wildly hypnotic movement, each moment animated by unexpected sounds that morph and expand and spin off into their own strange orbits. To create such a mesmerizing body of work, the Vermont-based musician spent long months – including much of 2020’s lockdown – writing and recording in his makeshift Megaplum home studio, immersing himself in sonic experiments. As the songs became more fully formed, Gordon brought in contributions from his bandmates, drummer John Kimock, keyboardist Robert Walter, percussionist Craig Myers, and guitarist/pedal-steel player Scott Murawski, all of whom submitted parts from afar which were then woven by Gordon and Slomoff into the initial tracks. Revealing entirely new dimensions of the kaleidoscopic musicianship Gordon has displayed as Phish’s bassist for the last four decades, the result is a work of both extraordinary vision and daring execution.

In keeping with the eclectic sensibilities that informed past work like 2017’s pop-fueled OGOGO and 2020’s Noon (a collaborative album made with acoustic guitar luminary Leo Kottke), the new LP imbues elements of everything from disco and dancehall to psych-folk and funk into Gordon’s unfettered and expansive breed of rock music.

Flying Games was mixed by six-time Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett.

Side A

  1. Tilting
  2. Connected
  3. Back In The Bubble
  4. Mull
  5. Casual Enlightenment
  6. Pure Energy

Side B

  1. Revolution Of The Mind
  2. Guilty Pleasures
  3. Undone
  4. Moonlight
  5. Sughn Never Sets
  6. Haywire
  7. Tropical Rocket

Autres versions :
Flying Games [Sky Blue/Spring Green/Baby Blue Splatter] 132 Mike Gordon NEUF 23-/2-6/ Musiques Vinyle 12'' (LP) USA
Mike Gordon
USA N Musiques

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