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Playdate Advent Calendar 2023
Ajouté le 12/3/2023


A game of relaxation, loading, and [̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊re̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡dac̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̲͎̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̅̓̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͟͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡͠͞͝͡ted]̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̰̟̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊̓̊

This is totally just a collection of screensavers for Playdate*. Yup, nothing weird or special. There’s no game in it. Also, screensavers would be very useful on a device with a cathode-ray tube monitor. Or perhaps some OLED screen. That’s not what Playdate is. However, you can still chill with the screensavers. And loading. Oh my, there’s a lot of loading and you won’t be standing idly by.

Stars of the Screen was nominated in

The 2022 Playdate Community Awards
in two categories:

  • Artistic Visual Achievement Award in an SDK Game
  • Best App or Nicknack


Fair warning

Please don’t look for any minigames, hidden content, secrets or even easter eggs in there. There’s no way there could be a novelty two player mode hidden in there. Just chill with the screensavers. Not that I’m telling you what to do.

Note: The above text may contain misleading information regarding the content of the game for the purposes of our company zero-spoiler policy. There’s a bit of a hidden content in there. Somewhere. At least our CEO did promise me that. (See the game manual on page 451 when—or perhaps if—it’s released. Or just try pushing some buttons. Paper is super-expensive these days.)


Completely fake reviews

“I’m still stuck on the intro screen. So good.”
— 10/10 (RTS)

“Made me happy, then angry, then happy. Hints helped.”
— Voxel Says You Should (Voxel)

“Just a collection of screensavers.”
— 7/10 (eGN)

“Somewhat recently I played it a lot.”
— ?/? (Would You Please Provide Attribution Podcast)


Playdate : Stars of the Screen
3x entre le 12/3/2023 et le 12/6/2023

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