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Ajouté le 09/03/2019
Edition : Limited purple variant 500 copies
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Shantae Soundtrack Vinyl Exclusive Variant from our friends at Fangamer!

Hear the original without popping in a new set of AA batteries.

This official soundtrack, remastered specifically for vinyl, includes 41 tracks from Jake Kaufman's classic soundtrack on one vibrant purple LP. The gatefold packaging features original art by Nina Matsumoto.

Only 500 copies of the Shantae Purple vinyl variant exist!


1. Title
2. File Menu
3. Burning Town
4. Risky Boots
5. Flashback
6. Scuttle Town
7. Shop
8. Dance Room
9. Day Travel
10. Caverns
11. Water Town
12. Conversation
13. Labyrinths
14. Genie
15. Finish Puzzle
16. Boss
17. Found Item
18. Night Travel

19. Oasis Town
20. Minigame Start
21. Minigame
22. Minigame Loss
23. Minigame Win
24. Day Travel 2
25. Labyrinths 2
26. Zombie Caravan
27. Night Travel 2
28. Bandit Town
29. Underground
30. Game Over
31. Risky Boots Battle
32. Tinkertank Battle
33. Escape from Tinkerbat Factory
34. Boss Defeated
35. Credits
36. Jingle 1
37. Jingle 2
38. Jingle 3
39. Jingle 4
40. Jingle 5
41. Jingle 6

Music by:
Jake Kaufman

Artwork by:
Nina Matsumoto

Vinyl produced & distributed by:

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