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Ajouté le 10/09/2014
Disque (CD/DVD/BluRay/Musique téléchargée)

1. Birth 01:33

2. Home 04:20

3. Bloom 03:23

4. Glass 04:09

5. Shadows 04:21

6. Steel 06:02

7. Feint 06:16

8. Return 08:26

9. Life Could Be Simple 03:44

10. Gratitude 06:18


flOw, original soundtrack album

released 04 June 2014 

Music composed and produced by Austin Wintory 

"Gratitude" featuring Tina Guo 

Originally released by Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2007; developed by thatgamecompany 

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Austin Wintory : flOw: Original Soundtrack
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